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Wellnesse Floss Picks

Wellnesse Floss Picks

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Key Benefits

  • Prevents cavities
  • Teaches kids good flossing habits as simple to use
  • Uhmwpe floss thread for a gentle interdental cleaning

Wellnesse’s Floss Picks provide the reach, grip, and control children often can't get with ordinary thread floss. The smooth floss and sturdy (but flexible) pick create an effortless experience, simple enough for little hands and gentle enough for little mouths. Flossing can be a challenge for little ones, but our Floss Picks empower them to take charge of their oral care routine, helping build essential habits for a lifetime of healthy smiles. With the majority of cavities resulting from insufficient oral care in children, teaching kids the importance of oral health and providing them with the right tools is the surest way to keep those little teeth in tip-top shape.

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100% Corn Starch Handle, UHMWPE Floss Thread*UHMWPE Floss Thread is 100% recyclable. This thread was chosen because it is a strong thread that allows kids to learn how to floss early!

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