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She Does Yoga Quote Candle

She Does Yoga Quote Candle

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Handpoured in Cheshire, England

Made to Order

Ethically Sourced Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

100% Natural


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Luxury Scented Candle with Funny Quote in Black and Quote


The natural home fragrance duo you didn't know you couldn't live without.

Natural ingredients carry the imprint of their harvest, subtle uniquenesses in their scents, as well as a deep seated ability to harness and heal.

Layering scents not only enhances the fine, only-natural fragrances prescribed in our products, but elevates the healing power of nature.

  • People, Planet, Profit

    In that order. Putting our people first is at the heart of all we do. For us, "people" isn't just about our team or our loyal customers, it's about every person that plays a part in our entire eco-system. From the Soy Bean harvesters through to your birthday gift-receiving bestie. Discover more about how we're committed to ensuring our business puts people before profit.


    Know your labels? The word "Fragrance" or "Parfum" on cosmetic labels (scented and non-scented) are often misleading. To avoid revealing "trade secrets", cosmetics brands don't always disclose what's contained in their products and they're not law-bound to do so either, leading to consumers never truly understanding what they're putting on their bodies or scenting their homes with. We've created scents directly from the natural world; evoking a genuine unguarded response from person to person. Our labels are completely transparent, no nasties or skeletons in our candles.