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Redmond Life

Redmond Life Smoked Salt Chef’s Blend

Redmond Life Smoked Salt Chef’s Blend

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Key Benefits
  • Unrefined sea salt - smoked
  • Adds a simple, bold, smoky flavour to any dish
  • Smoked using 5 different types of wood for 42 hours
  • Deliciously paired with asparagus, eggs and much more!

Chef's Blend infuses unrefined, ancient Real Salt with the rich essence of five distinct woods over a meticulous 42-hour smoking process. The result? A symphony of smoky nuances, perfectly balanced for discerning palates. Chef's Blend offers a smoky flavour that enhances any dish without overpowering them.

Smoked using 5 different types of wood for 42 hours, it's darker in colour and more robust in flavour with hints of espresso and cocoa. Whether sprinkled over freshly grilled asparagus, scrambled eggs, or your choice of protein, this salt elevates every bite with its enticing aroma and robust taste.

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Smoked ancient sea salt

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