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Redmond Life

Redmond Life Real Salt Kosher Refill Pouch

Redmond Life Real Salt Kosher Refill Pouch

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Key Benefits
  • Unrefined sea salt - Medium size grains
  • 60+ naturally occurring trace minerals
  • Helps cook meat to perfection
  • Great for canning, pickling, and fermenting

Real Salt is unrefined and stands as nature's untouched sea salt, brimming with over 60 trace minerals for optimal health benefits. Its kosher grains, slightly larger than fine salt, excel in seasoning meats to succulent perfection and drawing out proteins for ideal caramelisation. Moreover, it's a go-to choice for seasoning veggies, preparing edamame, or helping to cook meat to perfection.

Crafted with a focus on simplicity, this unprocessed salt is perfect for culinary enthusiasts who prefer their seasonings free from artificial additives and unhealthy pollutants. Its versatility shines in various culinary techniques, from pinching and tossing for added flavour depth to canning, pickling, and fermenting. This refill pouch ensures sustainability and flavour-packed meals for health-conscious households.

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100% Real salt

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