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Moon Juice

Moon Juice Magnesi-Om Blue Lemon

Moon Juice Magnesi-Om Blue Lemon

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Key benefits

  • Relaxation: enhances feelings of calm, improves mood, reduces muscle aches.
  • Brain Health: supports healthy cognitive aging and brain function.
  • Regularity: supports regular bowel movement, soothes and alleviates mild bloating during PMS.

Meditation you can sip. Magnesium is a cellular necessity, yet over 50% of individuals are deficient. Moon Juice's Magnesi-Om ® brings you three bioavailable forms of Magnesium, coupled with L-Theanine, to restore cellular balance and support relaxation, sleep, brain health, and regularity. The chelated Magnesium Gluconate and Acetyl Taurinate in the formula promote muscle relaxation and cognitive function, while Magnesium Citrate facilitates regular bowel movements. L-Theanine encourages alpha‑wave activity in the brain, fostering a focused calm*. Moon Juice's natural magnesium powder supplement effortlessly dissolves in water.

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Magnesium Chelate Blend (Gluconate, Acetyl Taurinate and Citrate) specifically chosen due to their high bioavailability and easy absorption into the gut with minimal discomfort*L-theanine in our magnesium supplement powder helps provide cognitive support for feelings of alert relaxation and mental clarity without over-stimulation*Blue Lemon Other Ingredients: Organic Dried lemon juice, Citric Acid, Monk Fruit Extract, Spirulina

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