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Heart & Soil

Heart & Soil Lifeblood

Heart & Soil Lifeblood

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Key Benefits
  • Improves iron stores and oxygen delivery
  • Enhances red blood cell formation
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Improves endurance exercise

Lifeblood is a powerhouse supplement, boasting essential nutrients and peptides tailored to assist iron stores, enhance oxygen delivery, and elevate endurance.Crafted from grass-fed, whole blood extract, spleen, and liver, this formula delivers vital building blocks for a robust cardiovascular system.

Ideal for endurance athletes and those combating anaemia, it optimises iron stores and enhances red blood cell formation, facilitating improved oxygen circulation and overall cardiovascular health. Lifeblood is meticulously tested by independent labs throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring unparalleled quality and purity. These supplements are 100% additive, hormone, allergen, antibiotic, pesticide, and GMO-free, in a convenient freeze-dried form.

What's inside?

  • Red Blood cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets: Involved in oxygen transport, the immune response, and wound healing
  • Riboflavin, Folate, B12 and Choline: Essential for red blood cell formation, as well as immune, brain, reproductive, and cardiovascular health
  • Vitamin D: Crucial for immune, metabolic, and bone health
  • Heme Iron: Crucial for brain health, energy and athletic performance, as well as immune function
  • Copper, Biotin and CoQ10: Crucial for overall metabolism, mood, and energy, as well as health of skin, hair, and nails
  • Vitamins A, D, E, K2: In super bioavailable forms. These vitamins play critical roles in overall immune and bone health
  • Selenium: A critical mineral for thyroid function (iodothyronine deiodinases) and immune health/antioxidant defence (glutathione peroxidase, thioredoxin reductase)
  • Splenin, Tuftsin and Splenopentin Peptides: Peptides found exclusively in splenic tissue which enhance immune function
  • Liver Expressed Antimicrobial Peptide: Also known as LEAP-2, an antimicrobial peptide also involved in the immune response and glucose metabolism
  • Immune Proteins: Immunoglobulins are involved in defence against viruses and bacteria
  • Ergothioneine Peptide: An amino acid in liver, kidney, and bone marrow found to support detoxification and longevity pathways
  • Hepcidin Peptide: A peptide directly involved in iron metabolism as well as the innate immune response

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New Zealand Grass-Fed Whole Blood Extract (Bovine), Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets, Immune Proteins, New Zealand Grass-Fed Spleen (Bovine), New Zealand Grass-Fed Liver (Bovine), Gelatin (capsules)

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