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Golde Pure Matcha

Golde Pure Matcha

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Key Benefits
  • 60mg Caffeine: lasting jitter-free energy
  • L-theanine: amino acid for serene focus
  • Polyphenols + Catechins: antioxidants for glowing skin

Pure Matcha, the epitome of green superfoods, hails from the picturesque Uji region in Japan. Meticulously crafted to elevate your wellness journey, it stands as a testament to nature's profound wisdom.

Grown organically in the pristine landscapes of Japan, Pure Matcha bears the distinction of being certified radiation-free and devoid of heavy metals. It aligns perfectly with the principles of a vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO lifestyle. One remarkable aspect of Pure Matcha is its energy-boosting prowess.

With an invigorating caffeine content of approximately 60mg per serving, it rivals a shot of espresso in awakening the senses. Yet, unlike the abrupt spikes and crashes of conventional caffeine sources, Pure Matcha offers a gentle, sustained vitality, ensuring you remain focused and alert throughout the day.

The taste of Pure Matcha is an experience unto itself. Smooth and mellow, it beckons you to savor every sip. Enjoy it in its purest form or introduce a touch of honey or maple syrup to enhance its natural, earthy flavors.

Beyond its delightful taste, Pure Matcha nurtures your well-being in myriad ways. It fosters a flourishing gut ecosystem, encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria and aiding in digestion. This green elixir is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, thanks to its rich reservoir of antioxidants. Don't just take our word for it; Pure Matcha has garnered accolades far and wide. It's been celebrated as the "Best Matcha Powder for Lattes" by New York Magazine and earned the title of "The Best Matcha Powder for 2023" from Food & Wine.

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