Floradix Hawthorn Herbal Teabags

Floradix Hawthorn Herbal Teabags

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Key Benefits

  • Organic hawthorn, leaves and flowers
  • Relaxing, reduces stress levels, and promotes better sleep
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and is naturally free of gluten

Hawthorn Herbal Teabags offer a myriad of health benefits thanks to their meticulously crafted production process and high-quality organic ingredients. Hawthorn tea offers a range of health benefits, including supporting heart health by improving circulation and lowering blood pressure, providing antioxidants to combat oxidative stress, aiding digestion, promoting relaxation and better sleep, potentially reducing cholesterol levels, and possessing mild diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

With over a century of expertise in tea production, Salus ensures that each teabag is carefully formulated to deliver a refreshing and nourishing alternative to conventional tea. Packed with the goodness of Hawthorn, these teabags promote cardiovascular health and overall well-being. Salus is committed to environmental sustainability, using natural sealing methods and bleach-free paper and string, thereby ensuring a wholesome and eco-friendly tea experience.

Here at we do the work for you, every product goes through a 3 step curation process of Discovery, Expert Validation, and Community Testing. So you know you are only getting the best.


Organic hawthorn, leaves and flowers.

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