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Collection: Hypnobirthing Candle

The perfect aide for every hypnobirthing Mama. (That said, it's a firm favourite in my household and I haven't birthed for almost two years!) Calming and balancing in equal measures, our hypnobirthing candle is a tonic for the womb of a mother in active labour - this candle is not to be used during pregnancy, before labour, please read the label.

Clary Sage essential oil is often referred to as the "womb tonic" or "natural gas and air" for mothers in active labour. It is rumoured to speed up childbirth as it causes the muscles in your womb to contract. For this reason, it is crucial that Clary Sage essential oil is not inhaled any earlier than 42 weeks.

Frankincense essential oil, known as the King of Oils, provides calm amongst the chaos ... useful in a birthing candle, wouldn't you agree?

Lavender needs no formal introduction, it blends beautifully with Frankincense to create a wonderfully calming environment.

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