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Oh MAMA! We've reached that moment when even lighting a natural candle brings with it soooo many questions. Is it clean? Is it toxic? Can I light it around the children? What about pets? Should I be lighting a candle when I'm pregnant? What essential oils are safe at 6 weeks pregnant? Jeees! Candles are a luxury, not a stress. Pure, unadulterated, pleasure.

But you're right to worry, not all natural candles are created equally. To make it easier, our essential oil candles are clean and free of toxins. You'll find no synthetic fragrances or chemical binders. Our essential oil candles burn cleanly and evenly.

Because we've chosen our ingredients wisely, our soy candles burn slowly, evenly, cleanly and don't realise harmful toxins into the air. Expertly blended by our team of artisanal aromatherapists, our essential oil candles will fill your room from wall to wall with mood boosting scents that not only smell wonderful, lift your spirits and are kind to your home. What's not to love?!

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